The Uprising continues…

I am keeping up with Star Wars: Uprising.  I can say that I’m now seeing the strings.  The leveling curve has a gate keeping mechanic at all levels.  Items need special items to level, the items used to level those needs to be leveled.  The “Crew” needs to be leveled, but that is through items being leveled in addition to other crystals that need leveled.  It’s so steep on all aspects of the game 4 hours a day or $60 a day to make any big leaps in progress would be needed.

I tend to commit fully to any game I’m playing, but this is not one of those games.  It seems built to login, spend maybe 10 minutes doing a thing and then walking away until tomorrow.   Not, race to max level and grind raid gear!  Which is what I’m built to do!  It’s  tough to dial it down.  Still fun, I still wouldn’t suggest spending any. money.

What I’ve Learned:

  • Running away is still a winning move
    • Scattergun + Dodge + Caltrops
  • In Missions without a Boss their are 2 Bacta tanks, don’t use the first one unless you are at half health OR leaving that zone.
  • The Armor scraps  have diminishing returns –  Four 1 Star scraps have slightly more EXP then a 2 Star scrap that takes four 1 Star to make and so on.